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Special professional breeded flowers

VDA Prime delivers professional breeded flowers from recognised breeders.

Our broad assortiment flowers are customer request breeded at selected professional breeders mostly from Russia. Russia is one of Worlds greatest consumers of flowers and they have lots of qualitative, high standard breeders. Russian people always wants the best and take not settle for less!  Our exclusive Wave® arrangements have intense colors, grow exuberantly and are supplied in an attractive presentation. Above of all our Wave® combos are easy to keep for extensive periods; far into the winter period. Any customer who once explored a Wave® never wants another again!

A broad assortie of flowers, intense colors, exuberant growth and extensive periods to keep, attractive presentations and an almost unlimited supply brings you huge sales opportunities!

Special breeded high quality flowers

O La laO La la
pleasently Bluepleasently Blue
Chocolate SymphonyChocolate Symphony
Blue DawnBlue Dawn